Le décès de Kasturi

Kum Kasturi Chaturvedi Didi ji (26 Septembre 1926 - 22 Février 2012),
Sainte Kasturi ji ou bien encore Kasturi B(a)henji

Décédée à 86 ans, peu après les célébrations de Lalaji qu'elle avait organisées du 27 au 29 janvier à Shrimad Bal Sadan, Motinagar, Lucknow. Elle avait rencontré Babuji à l'âge de 22 ans et a consacré les 64 années suivantes à propager son enseignement, le Sahaj Marg. Celui-ci l'avait traitée de "sainte du Sahaj marg"...

Sur http://spiritualyearnings.blogspot.fr/2012/02/saint-kasturi-didi-ji.html
Reverend Saint Kasturi Didi, Chief abhyasi of Shri Ram Chandra Mission breathed her last early morning at 01:57AM on 22nd February, 2012. She was 86 years old and was associated for last 64 years with Shri Ram Chandra Mission. She was devotee of Shri Ram Chandra ji of Shahjahanpur, founder of Shri Ram Chandra mission. She was ailing for last six months and under treatment for last one week at Sahara Hospital, Gomtinagar and was undergoing Dialysis on life support system. Eldest amongst five siblings Kasturi Didi remained spinster throughout her life. Her funeral was performed on Wednesday afternoon at Baikoonth Dham in presence of her brothers and abhyasis of the mission. There is a strong current of grief among national & international followers of Saint Kasturi Didi.
According to her brother Shri Prahlad Das Chaturvedi “Chhote Bhaiya”, after completing primary education Saint Kasturi Didi joined spiritual teacher Shri Ram Chandra ji maharaj “babu ji maharaj” at an age of 22 years. As per her nephews Sanjiv & Shekhar Chaturvedi, about 60 years back she was very sick and taken to a famous hospital at Sitapur. After going through the reports doctors commented that her treatment is in the hands of almighty only. Even then she continued to live a long life. She has authored more than two and a half dozen books in Hindi & English. There will be “Havan” special pooja at her residence at Mahanagar on Sunday.

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