Heartfulness, ou les prémices de l’ubérisation du Sahaj marg

Quand Patel rêve d’un service de professionnels de la méditation accessible 24/7 par les abhyasis, telle est sa vision de la professionnalisation du Sahaj marg : 

“For such a person, who is able to maintain the connection with the inner Self, there is no need for meditation. On a spiritual path like Sahaj Marg, there must come a time when we really become professionals in meditation. Our meditative state is then for 24/7.” (...) “With this Heartfulness approach, if you do feel stuck and you cannot go to a preceptor for a sitting, call them and request a remote sitting instead.” (...) [Patel] also said that we are about to take Sahaj Marg to the next level. “I know in France you don't like this application Uber, but I like it so much. Say you are in Tokyo, and in the middle of the night you want a sitting, you can go online and someone awake in Los Angeles can give you a sitting. I think a day will come when our Masters will give us permission to work masterfully. Our job is to dream of such things so that they become possible.” 

(In Bulletin No: 2015.107 – Thursday September 10, 2015)

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