15 août 1982 – 15 août 2012

Un nouvel éclairage sur les derniers mois de Babuji
Le point de vue de Sharad Chandra Saxena

 En 1982, Babuji disait à son petit-fils Sharad : “nature will punish him [Chari] during his last living days.” Aujourd’hui, Sharad ajoute : “Recently, when I came to know about Chari’s physical condition, I remembered His said words; now nature has started taking its part.”
Les hostilités reprennent…

Silence radio des enfants d’Umesh Chandra Saxena, Navneet et Puneet, depuis un moment. C’est aujourd’hui l’aîné des petits-enfants de Babuji, Sharad qui reprend le flambeau des attaques contre Chari. Depuis la mort de Babuji en 1983, la querelle de succession entre Chari et les descendants de Babuji ne s’est jamais éteinte.

Le 23 mars 2011, Sharad, fils de Prakash Chandra Saxena et petit-fils de Babuji (ex candidat à la succession de Babuji en 1983-84) créait un website intitulé ‘Société pour la Mission de Babuji’ : www.societyforbabujismission.org.in , avec Shubh Chintak Kishore. Ils disaient alors que la SRCM avait grossi trop vite et dérivé de son objectif initial, qu’ils avaient créé leur propre société pour promouvoir indépendamment le Sahaj marg, mais dans le but final de fusionner à terme avec la SRCM (voir http://sahajmargetshriramchandramission.blogspot.fr/2012/02/un-autre-petit-fils-de-babuji-se-jette.html ).
La critique de Chari restait feutrée, même si Sharad y est présenté comme le seul et unique successeur de son grand-père : “Last sitting of him [Sharad] with Babuji was in Paris in (August) in 1982 when he placed both his arms on his head and told "Sharad all I have , I have transferred it to you . Here after you will be the one and only powerful person".”
Il n’est peut-être pas inutile de rappeler qu’au moment de la succession de Babuji, son fils aîné Prakash a présenté la candidature de Sharad, refusée parce que reposant sur des documents considérés comme des faux. Ce n’est qu’ensuite qu’Umesh, autre fils de Babuji, présenta sa propre candidature, acceptée celle-ci.
Depuis 1984, Umesh puis ses fils Navneet et Puneet s’opposent violemment à Chari. Mais depuis l’an passé, il semble que l’opposition principale provient de Sharad qu’on avait un peu oublié depuis 1982-1983.

Chari vieillit. Depuis le 15 juillet, ses problèmes de santé s’accentuent à tel point qu’il est absent des cérémonies pour ses 85 ans (voir Bulletins de santé). Le 15 août, il convoque une assemblée générale extraordinaire où il évoque son éventuelle démission (voir Tragicomédie au Sahaj marg). SC Kishore et Sharad Chandra Saxena en profitent pour durcir le ton, diffusant un peu partout les deux textes ci-dessous à propos de la « Déclaration de Paris » de Babuji du 15 août 1982.

Chari y est présenté comme s’opposant à la volonté de Babuji et dressant des abhyasis (danois) contre Babuji. Sharad qui accompagnait alors partout Babuji aurait conseillé à son grand-père de punir Chari qui lui aurait répondu : “nature will punish him during his last living days.”
Pour Sharad, les problèmes de santé actuels de Chari sont le juste retour de ce qu’aurait annoncé Babuji il y a 30 ans, la nature se venge aujourd’hui…
Tout ce qu’a fait Chari serait contraire à la volonté de Babuji, et diffamant pour la Mission qu’il avait créée…

En 2011, l’opposition de Sharad à Chari était feutrée, cette fois Sharad n’y va plus avec le dos de la cuillère, il fonce dans le tas ! La succession de Chari attise les convoitises et fait resurgir tous les problèmes qui avaient surgi au moment de la succession de Babuji…

Pour plus d’infos, lire La famille de Babuji


 Shubh Chintak Kishore

To-day it is exactly 30 years when Rev. Babuji signed the “Paris Declaration” at His residence at Dewan Jograj in Shahjahanpur (UP – India) . The said document was to be read at Paris ( France ) in the gathering of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur, abhyasis who will be assembling there from all over the world to see their beloved Master. After Rev. Babuji’s programme for visiting Paris was finalized in the beginning of the year 1982, one day at Shahjahanpur . I said to Him that great Personalities visit to some place or attending to some programme/occasion have usually been marked by performing certain commemorative things/acts, which are always remembered in future and remind & inspire the people, like Lord Rama’s presence in South is reminded by His visit to Lord Shiva temple at Rameshwaram. So I made a humble request to Him if His visit to Paris in August 1982 (AD) could also be marked by His message to humanity which may be called ‘Paris Declaration’. He agreed to my suggestion. I was thrilled by the idea that my Master’s message given by Him to humanity from a country abroad would go down as a historic event in the annuls of spiritual history. Further, request was, therefore, made by me to Him to give guiding directions for preparation of His message for the Paris declaration. He gave certain salient features which should form part of the message with the direction to me that I should develop those ideas in consultation with Prakash, His eldest son, who was an Advocate and an expert in drafting. Accordingly, a draft was prepared as per His directions and put up to Him for consideration. He suggested certain changes and improvements in the same. With those fresh directions, necessary amends and additions were made in that draft with due consultation with Prakash Bhai Saheb. I remember when Bhai Saheb was dictating the matter, I used to feel as if the words were coming out from Rev. Babuji’s Divine mouth. Finally, the declaration was written in fair handwriting by me on white paper and put up to Him for signature. He heard it very carefully and then put up His hand to the Paris Declaration on 15th day of August 1982. It was His direction to keep the document secret till it was read at Paris . Printing of the declaration was done at Delhi under my directions and sent to Paris along with Rev. Babuji. Maintaining its secrecy thereafter was not in my control. Stating as preamble that humanity was one and power for human evolution will flow from His place in India - He gave the road map for its propagation throughout the world. It is a document for organizational step-up and propagation of the Sahaj Marg System Founded by Him. The ‘Paris Declaration’ did not suit Sri Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari. He opposed it at Paris and reportedly excited abhyasis from abroad against it. Dear Sharad who was with Rev. Babuji all the time at Paris, has been very recently instructed by Him to disclose the activities of Chari in this regard at Paris for awareness of abhyasis as the time for that has now arrived. Dear Sharad, would, therefore, be writing separately on this subject. Chari’s activities while working as Acting President of the Mission, are a witness that he did not follow Paris Declaration. May the glory of my Master – Rev. Babuji’s – shine and illuminate the hearts of true seekers of humanity all over the world till this universe lasts.

New Delhi
15th August 2012


Last conversation with Rev. Babuji Maharaj
at Paris (France) in August and September 1982
before His mahasamadhi 14th Aug 2012
Sharad Chandra

During the morning meditation today at 3.40am, I was remind of the words spoken by Rev. Babuji Maharaj at Paris around the same Indian time. Babuji; “What all I am telling you regarding My mission (object) and about popularly known members, never hesitate to make it public. I trust your boldness; it is important and is required to fulfill my mission (object)”. Sharad; All these popularly known members of SRCM are quite elder to me in age, how to say your opinion about them? Babuji; Spirituality is bold and independent, it has no connection with physical age. It rewords or punishes as per the actions. I am opening many secrets before you with the belief that it will reach all deserving considered through you. Most painful happening at Paris; Few Danish abhyasi came to meet Rev. Babuji Maharaj and told Him, “Babuji, if you declare this Paris declaration we will leave the mission”, He was not happy hearing this, He looked at me and I immediately requested Him to permit me to reply them He permitted and I told them if you want to leave the mission, please do that and get out from the room, but the Declaration will be made. After they had left, Babuji said to me “why Chari planted this way and made people to talk like this to me”. I said because Chari wants to take your position, he is looking for and waiting for impossible position. Please punish him, He waited for some time and said nature will punish him during his last living days. Recently, when I came to know about Chari’s physical condition, I remembered His said words; now nature has started taking its part. His talks with me showed that He was well aware of future planning of Chari and that is why He has mentioned every thing in Paris declaration. Since Chari was not happy with Declaration, so he started convincing people to oppose it. In reality, it in no way concerns members, it affects only untrue office bearers. My observation confirms that all his work is against His wish which is defaming His created mission.


Extrait de www.societyforbabujismission.org.in
About Sharad Chandra

Sharad Chandra was born in famous saxena Kayastha family. Ramchandraji was his grandfather popularly known as "Bapuji". In 1979 Bapuji visited his room and asked him to come to him for meditation. His first experience soon after closing his eyes, was that he had reached different level of world. After reaching room he realized that bapuji was very powerful and could change anything from bad to good or vice-verse. He started meditation but was not regular . Second sitting to him was given by Rev. Babuji in 1980 for ten minutes and the same day he told Sharad his faculty for "Vairagya" has been opened. Third time he was given sitting in 1981. Every time in his sitting he felt that he was drenched in power. Last sitting of him with Babuji was in Paris in (August) in 1982 when he placed both his arms on his head and told "Sharad all I have , I have transferred it to you . Here after you will be the one and only powerful person". Sharad chandra is whole heartedly working for " Bapuji mission to make Sahaj Marg as world religion". Shri Ram Chandra mission founded by him is globally knowned and accepted as perfect way of God realization. Sahaj Marg is the natural and easy way of self realisation. Inner Inspiration by Sharad Chandra is precise reflection of his thougth derived from Special personality known as Rev. Babuji. The deeper understanding of "Inner Inspiration" will remind you about William Shakespear words "Brevity is soul of inner wit".


Shubh Chintak Kishore a dit le 2 août
(posté le 27 août 2012 sur www.societyforbabujismission.org.in ) :
“(…) After His [Babuji] mahasamadhi , when Sri Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari managed to manipulate the presidency of Shri Ram Chandra Mission in his favour taking court’s help and having succeeded in his efforts, he left no stone unturned in seeing that he made the best use of that opportunity in minting money in the name of Rev. Babuji, Rev. Lalaji and the Mission (SRCM). In the process he downgraded the Sahaj-Marg system to the lowest ebb as it suited him. But, this was against Rev. Babuji’s sacred intentions and His hard labour, which Chari well realized. Therefore, Rev. Babuji at last selected two of us, Sharad and myself, who were closely associated with Him during His physical sojourn in this world, to see to it that the value of Sahaj-Marg were restored at the level it was left over by Him. Truthfulness of accounts and finance management are inter-linked with the maintenance of the purity of any system. He said “these are the main task that you two now have to do in your life time under my direct guidance”. He does not rely on anybody else for these works. According to Him, increaeing the number of abhyasis can be done by others as well, but the above work can not be done by anyone else except two of us and if it were not done by you people now, it will never be done. (…)”
Bref, SC Kishore dit qu’après avoir pris le pouvoir par la manipulation et grâce au système judiciaire, Chari a manipulé les comptes financiers de la Mission, détournant ainsi le Sahaj marg de son objectif. Selon lui, n’importe qui peut accroître le nombre d’abhyasis, peu de gens peuvent garantir l’honnêteté de la gestion financière de la Mission. Babuji a désigné son petit-fils Sharad et SC Kishore pour reprendre les choses en main, sous sa supervision directe.
Au moins, ils ne cachent pas leurs prétentions…

Et SC Kishore continue de déverser son venin :


Shubh Chintak Kishore

There are lot many people all over the world who are rich in terms of external physical / worldly wealth but there are very few who are rich in terms of internal wealth. We all know that while leaving the world, the external wealth acquired during the stay in the world is entirely left over in the world itself, but the internal wealth which becomes part of each one’s self, accompanies the person. Such a person is rich internally, but still the world is mad over external wealth. So wise people have always preferred the later wealth – even forsaken kingdoms for the sake of inner wealth.

Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur (U.P.) is a Society which was registered on 21.07.1945 under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. Under the registered constitution and Bye-laws of the Mission, the President of the Mission is its constitutional head and for his assistance he has the power to nominate a Working Committee. The Constitution and Bye-laws provide how the new President is to be appointed after the earlier President ceases to exist physically. Those provisions would come into operation each time a new President is to be appointed.

Changes in certain provisions of the said Societies Registration Act, 1860, have also been brought about by the law. The question that may arise for consideration is whether on vital issues of any Society, the amended act takes priority or not over the provisions of the societies registered before those amendments. Like after independence of the country, the legal question of amendment to the ‘ Benaras Hundu University ’ law and ‘ Aligarh Muslim University ’law came up for consideration. The legal view in those cases, as I remember, was that they cannot be changed. So the names of those universities remain unchanged, even though it infringes the secular character of the country. After Rev. Babuji breathed His last on 19th April 1983 morning, people were in deep mourning but the activity for His successorship became lively after arrival of Sri Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari on that evening from Madras. This activity continued from that time till the physical remains of the mortal body of Rev. Babuji were cremated at Shahjahanpur on 21st April 1983 and even thereafter also.

Apart from being the height of indecent and inhuman behaviour on the past of Chari in those circumstances, the abhyasis mind over the question of successor President, vis-à-vis the constitution of Shri Ram Chandra Mission was really hardly applied. Even the members of Working Committee at the Mission really got hypnotized in only considering the paper nomination alleged to have been given by Rev. Babuji to Chari in the year 1976.

The interesting part is that the alleged nomination was on the following lines :

"I………. appoint Sri Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari President in Sahaj Marg System . Sd. Ram Chandra” Chari was not even allegedly appointed by Rev. Babuji as President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, but only President of Sahaj Marg system. Yet, he prevailed over the Working Committee members and in a meeting convened at Hyderabad , where only a few members of Committee reached there by the appointed time for the meeting, he got his alleged nomination paper for Presidentship of the Sahaj Marg System accepted, as President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission. Thereafter, he just increased the membership of the Mission by enrolling innocent persons, so that at one time the question of “balance of convenience” came in his favour and courts also upheld his name till a proper person under the constitution of the Mission came up for the Presidentship . Chari was allowed to work as sort of caretaker President of the Mission . Since he had the Mission’s huge funds lying at its Madras Centre at his disposal, he had tremendous opportunity cost favouring him.

The caretaker person is still working as an autocratic President of the Mission as none had that much money Power at his disposal to challenge him, as he had.

Once the natural course of nature’s working law comes into operation, the question of appointment of the new President for Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur, under its constitution, would come up.

Chari, as a time-gap working head, can not appoint next legal President under the constitution of Shri Ram Chandra Mission and even if he does so, it will be illegal abinitio.

The new President of the Mission as per the constitution of the Mission will take back all the diverted properties and funds because the new trusts which came up after Chari got hold of the Mission’s reins, will be proved benami for Chari for fulfilling his malafide intents and the diverted funds and properties will get back to the Mission.

As per Rev. Babuji’s ideas, I give a few glimpses of the things to come.

• There would be no ‘Delegate donation’ for attending the Mission’s functions. Rev. Babuji was against it, but Chari insisted on it even in His time. He had always been treating abhyasis as His personal guests ;

• Food and living in the Ashram premises would be provided at no cost basis by the Mission to all abhyasis visiting the Mission. (People may give any donation but there would be no compulsory charge in this regard whatsoever) ;

• Even old and poor abhyasis who cannot afford to visit Shahjahanpur would be provided facilities by the Mission for the purpose, taking due precaution against its misuse;

• The Mission’s authorized literature would be given ‘on cost basis’ to members and even without charging any cost from deserving poor abhyasis, with a view to propagate Rev. Babuji’s mission (objects), subject to rules for safeguard against its misuse ;

• Other facilities considered necessary for spiritual elevation will be provided to encourage true aspirants of Sahaj-Marg;

• To encourage openness and feeling of mutual respect, love and brotherhood amongst abhyasis, instead of developing feelings of secretiveness and aversion towards other members of Sahaj-Marg and people in general, and further to encourage each abhyasi to work for the goal of life in their life-time, etc., etc.

The day is not far off when Rev. Babuji’s established Ashram at Shahjahanpur, will got rid of the dark shadow and regain its old luster and come back to its original role of spreading spirituality, from its present degenerated status of social organization.

Readers of my truth based explanations about past actions of Chari may not be happy because they are not aware of the truth; but his present actions are a witness to gauge his reality. Critical approach helps to know the reality.



Shubh Chintak Kishore

I think it would be somewhere in the year 1981-82 (AD) when Rev. Babuji disclosed to me, only two of us being in the puja-room, that “He has appointed FOUR PERSONS to carry out His task ……….". I listened and kept quite. Later, He explained no one person could do all the jobs. So four persons expert in their lines were appointed and each one would do his specific job. At another occasion He said if they do not do their job, nature will punish them.

One day in the evening after it was dark, Rev. Babuji said something to N.S. Rao,then Mission ’s office assistant. This was when two of them were in the verandah adjoining the puja-room in His haweli. I was also there in the same verandah but at a distance from them. After He had spoken to N.S.Rao, immediately he went into the puja-room murmuring something in a voice which was even audible to me. I followed N.S. Rao in that room and said as to why was he murmuring on what Rev. Babuji had said to him. In reply he said he was not saying anything.

Immediately, in came in the puja-room Rev. Babuji and said “if you do not want to listen to Me, then I would give the charge to the Youngman and then you deal with him…" and thereafter He want out of the puja-room. Then I said to myself that he will be one of those four.

Sometime later, one day Rev. Babuji asked me, when only two of us were there in the puja-room, “if I had heard of the person after Him”. I said “Yes, I had heard Jagan (meaning JRK Raizada, then Secretary of the President) saying in an abhyasis meeting at Surat (Gujarat – India ) in April 1982, when thyself were also present, that Babuji had appointed a naujawan (youngman) to work after Him."

He did not speak further but through His facial expression gave enough indication that I heard the right thing.

Dear Sharad and myself know the names of those four persons originally appointed and these will be disclosed when there are instructions from Him to that effect.

May His task be fulfilled by persons in whom He has faith now.



Shubh Chintak Kishore

It is well known that Rev. Babuji in His last days had confined Himself in the hospitals so that the jobs which He had to complete in human frame could be accomplished by Him undisturbed there. Doctors attending to Him at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi, gave their confirmed opinion that He was in perfect good health and He would come to consciousness when He Himself wanted so, and nobody else could bring Him to the conscious state. For this reason, He was advised to be shifted to Helvetia Nursing Home, Greater Kailash, New Delhi . He later, in an inter-commune, told dear Sharad that after seeing the attitude of persons assembled at Paris in August end and September beginning 1982, He had decided to leave the world. He said “I had taken Chari to Paris to see for myself to what extent he could stoop down, which I witnessed”. Earlier this information was given but probably without name. On 12th August 2012, Rev. Babuji instructed “ Now I want full facts to be disclosed with names in the articles by you people for awareness of others irrespective whether they believe you two or not”. As working under His instructions and guidance, we have to abide by it. Dear Sharad told me that as he was all the time with Rev. Babuji Maharaj at Paris in 1982. He used to tell him in the room with great pain that Chari is holding meetings outside. He is convincing abhyasis of the Mission especially from abroad that he only will take care of the Mission as President after Him. Dear Sharad said that He had witnessed how the very sight of Chari would make Rev. Babuji Maharaj sick because of his unpious thoughts and the false propaganda that he was carrying out against Him, the Mission and Sahaj Marg System. Rev. Babuji had also earlier disclosed to him after His mahasamadhi in an inter-commune that He got Himself admitted in the hospitals so that He could accomplish the tasks which He had to do in the human frame and also needed time to give elevation to certain people whom He liked. Now, rumour is being floated that as Babuji was confined in the hospital during His last days, so is Master Chariji also confined for doing divine work. It is the height of audacity for any disciple to compare himself with his master in divine work. When he had no divine work to do during his active life, how is it that Chari is being assigned divine work now when his mind is not even working?

Further, Chari is under punishment, that is why he is denied the Company of his close persons and is surrounded by Doctors. Rev. Babuji was a Special Personality and God-power after mahasamadhi. While Chari is only reputed to be greedy person who did things contrary to his Master and amassed fortune by selling his master’s name. While his Master only lived most ordinary fugal life though born with a golden spoon in His mouth and continued to have enough wealth through out His life. Such actions only show that he/his followers are being compelled by Nature to bring him in his true colours. Further, as per the hints from Rev. Babuji, Chari would get severe punishments from Nature while still alive and after his lifetime as well. Time will prove the truth of what is said above.

I think this is the last time I may be wanting Chari to be kind to himself by being openly frank with Him and beg His forgiveness for his blunders. But, I think Nature does not want him and his close followers to get wisdom at this stage. I wish I were proved wrong.



Shubh Chintak Kishore

There are lot many people all are the world who are rich in terms of external physical/worldly wealth but there are very few who are rich in terms of internal wealth. We all know that while leaving the world, the external wealth acquired during the stay in the world is entirely left over in the world itself, but the internal wealth which becomes part of each one’s self, accompanies the person. Such a person is rich internally, but still the world is mad over external wealth. So wise people have always preferred the latter wealth – even forsaken kingdoms for the sake of inner wealth.

Like Sri Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari, Raghvendra Rao, Sister Kasturi and many others in the Mission as evident from their activities are apparently working for physical wealth only. Rev. Babuji gave them chance as per their desire to acquire that wealth to the extent desired and worked by them. Like everyone can see that Sri Chari is rich in terms of material wealth. Dear Sharad, myself and few others preferred inner wealth so Rev. Babuji blessed us for that and we are rich in that and we are very happy to get His closeness also in process.

Like those who apparently appear rich in material wealth as their ways and actions are proof for the same, apart from our personal knowledge which Rev. Babuji had told us about them. Even in Rev. Babuji’s times such persons were never serious about internal growth. But we, dear Sharad, myself and few others selected to remain unconcerned about poorness of material wealth.

Our experience with Rev. Babuji’s association has been that we get what we want. Those who are only materially rich, think that they are happy only because of Him and have considered the growth as sign of His grace. Rev. Babuji told there are only few who desired internal evolution and those who were serious about it, also got it. He disclosed in the inter-commune that while He was apparently sick and confined to hospital at New Delhi during 1982/83, He was working for things He had to do physically, and was busy with giving approaches to people who depended upon Him and desired internal evolution only.

May our Master Rev. Babuji give wisdom to all who came in contact with Him and desired that wealth, which He alone could give.

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