Magie noire ?

Le 6 juillet 2010, une personne qui a pris le pseudonyme de RAJAvsraj s’exprime pour la première fois sur Il s’inquiète des pouvoirs surnaturels de Chari et demande de l’aide pour qu’on le libère de sa magie noire. Il trouve peu d’échos à sa demande sur le website et réitère ses messages durant 3 mois (voir ci-dessous).
Globalement, il ressort qu’il aurait adhéré à la SRCM il y a bientôt 5 ans, qu’il aurait suivi les enseignements du Sahaj Marg pendant 2 à 3 ans et arrêté suite au harcèlement dont il était l’objet en vue du financement de l’anniversaire de Chari.
Jusqu’à présent, il serait encore sous l’influence de la magie noire de Chari, une transmission d’énergie négative, parce que Chari serait en colère, mais pas contre lui personnellement. D’où des problèmes de santé, des problèmes familiaux et des problèmes financiers. Alors il veut calmer la colère de Chari.
Il reconnaît qu’il ne peut rien prouver et ne donne d’ailleurs aucun détail sur ce qui lui est arrivé. Mais il ajoute que Chari torturerait aussi ceux qui lui désobéissent et qu’il les pousserait au suicide…
Quel crédit peut-on accorder à tout cela ? Pour ma part, je n’ai jamais cru à la transmission. J’ai au moins autant de mal à croire à la magie noire ou aux pouvoirs surnaturels.
Par contre ce témoignage constitue un bel exemple de l’influence de Chari sur ses adeptes comme sur ses anciens adeptes. Ils lui prêtent un pouvoir énorme, positif ou négatif c’est selon, mais jamais indifférent. La haine est aussi forte que l’amour : arrogant, colérique, fou, sadique, etc.
Il y a aussi quelques petites choses intéressantes et qui seraient à approfondir dans tout cela :
- Babuji serait resté en colère contre un de ses abhyasis pendant un an (rapporté dans un livre, mais lequel ?)
- Des cas de suicides de gens que Chari voulait marier entre eux alors que leurs parents s’y opposaient
- A Sathkol, Chari aurait interdit à un de ses disciples qui venait d’apprendre que sa mère était morte de se rendre à ses funérailles : "(…) I will give my worst experience with him, when he ordered his follower, who was with him at Satkol in India and he got an urgent message his mother expired, then black magician commanded he should not go to attend funeral as soul left the body. Because of fear that follower has acceded to the request. the same guru went to attend his wife death by travelling nearly 800k and he did not come out of room because of pain and agony he says.(…)"
- Qui est Damodhar et que lui est-il arrivé ? "(…)Remember death of Damodhar, the one who worked for ages in your ashram of satkhol, whom chariji set the marriage committed or killed by chariji I don’t know, forgot it? (…)"
Et enfin une information intéressante (une vraie ?) en date du 25 septembre : Chari aurait annoncé à ses adeptes qu’il va bientôt quitter ce monde ci et qu’il n’y aurait pas de nouvelle célébration de son anniversaire. Faut-il comprendre qu’il pense aller sur Vénus avant le 24 juillet 2011 ? Est-ce sa médium française qui le lui a dit ? En l’annonçant, il ne fait rien d’autre que mettre la pression à ses successeurs potentiels…

Chari et la magie noire
Le témoignage de RAJAvsraj

Voici donc l’intégralité des messages qu’il a postés dans l’ordre chronologique (du 6 juillet au 30 septembre) :

Freedom from sahaj marg guru shri chariji
I have followed the system of sahaj marg, guru shri chariji. I want to pacify the guru now as he developed some negative feelings on me and it is now continued in various forms by means of supernatural powers either it be in form of dreams or warning and what not. It is like Cat and mouse game for me and cat being the guru. It is game for him, but torture for me. I want to get rid of this tangle sooner, the better for me. At least I want to pacify him. I m discovering self hate not the love propagated by him. Thanks for your kind reply
Well, their concept whole works around transmission. The guru warns of consequences of disobedience, well we are small beings and they being high powerful yogis and they expect these things and once they feel like cheated they make hell out of followers. I don't know how others feel, but i say it as black magic. I prayed to them through mails and others way too to forgive and what not. Still he does these black magic tricks on me. He warns followers that he is not like his own guru will do all the ways and means. I did not understand mere reading but now understands its real meaning. He also says he is capable of talking his mind to each and every one. If guru has powers I don’t think it is right to use those powers to show off at least on humans and that too on followers. guru might be highest realm of spirituality but what is the use when he uses it and does black magic trick on his own followers even after praying. Please visit their website and also please pay special attention to importance of obedience and all and its impact.
Can you please refer my agony to your guru, I have nothing to do against the old man chariji but I want to get out of tangle to pacify him. In a book of them, there is a mention like this where his own guru was angry on a abhyasis and it lasted for a year. But in my case it is more than 4 years now and I have bear the brunt of his anger for any and everything through out day and night (6/07)
I have chosen a wrong guru shri parthasarthy rajagopalachari of ram chandra mission and he has made my life hell. He does black magic and in addition he is angry and of course he is angry with every other person. Most senior abhyasis deviated they think he is arrogant and deviated the path of spirituality to other things among them is his arrogance on abhyasis and torture on them. He says he will not let abhyasis disobedient. If they do they have to suffer its consequences and he sets for it with his supernatural powers. any one can visit the website and it is full of these tricks and all. After bearing the brunt for 4 years now, I think it was time to put it across you so that I can get some relief or to pacify shri chariji the black magician.(7/07)
If you choose a living guru like shri parthasarthyrchariji of sahaj marg srcm it screws up the life altogether. Because guru if he is a psycho, does not know what he is doing then you cannot imagine suffering in the hands of living guru. I have never seen that guru laughing with any one. Always some or other complaints on his disciples and arrogance. Be aware before choosing one.(8/07)
how to get rid of the black magic. how to protect myself from a sadist guru, when I experience day in day out of his sadness of guru, note he himself has stated in books, that his nature is of that sort. I m talking about the so called guru shri parthasarthy rajagopala chari of sahaj marg system. He finds a place in this blog as well to my surprise. All other disciples split part their ways telling that he is misusing the things and diverted from the main goal. So how to escape from black magic in short of guru. Can u please show me the path or guide who can take me out of this new sense. (9/07)
Please refer to this link,
Observe carefully where he categorically states that these words Obey and get; don’t obey and suffer.
I m least bothered about all these things unless they are effecting me. But after facing turmoil for 5 years almost because of his black magic, i think it is time to approach others who can offer me guidance, to come out of the tangle
There are ample instances, but unfortunately cannot be found on the web. He states that he is not like his own guru and uses all the means to torture followers who are not in the track. I don’t know what makes him think good of them at 1 point and suddenly becomes against disciples and uses his supernatural powers and starts black magic on them.
Well all senior people and other of the system are fighting
against chariji, that he has deviated from the track of path to god. My only question is how to escape from banamathi of chariji. (10/07)
I cannot provide any evidence for banamanthi but he also can say the same thing and will tell I don’t know, but at least some one should not be made scape goat of arrogance of shri chariji once again. what I m going through should not be on any other human being. He is busy with his grand celebration of 85th birthday celebrations.
Please have a look at the web site for his power disclosure (11/07)
There are many other instances in the books showing his supernatural powers but these books are not available outside.
why cannot we claim as mental disorder what guru says so openly. gurus claim that they talk with liberated souls with will and they have the blessing. How can we establish that they have such power. my guru shri chariji, i say him as black magician, because he misutilizes the powers, unfortunately i cannot provide evidence, says every liberated soul is eulogizing him and they are even published even though at higher cost are available. can you say it is as mental disorder. So when some one say some thing wrong every one should treat as genuinely and if they have powers should try to get to the problem, instead of just saying it is mental disorder. visit and observe his comments he says disciples should be dogs of master and etc etc. if they don’t follow then he starts his famous black magic tricks.
What if living guru is a narrow minded sadist and psycho as I m exposing mentality of living guru shri parthasarthy rajagopala chari a psycho cum sadist. it is better not to have a guru itself then having a mental, arrogant and black magic guru who can kill their own guru son by means of black magic. This is what is my experience with I m telling this so that others don’t come to this system at least till the departure of shri chariji. my experience should serve as guidance to others. (11/07)
he is listed here
is the link. with his banamathi I mean black magic his own master family say that he killed him for property sake. His master son name was umesh chandra, died of mysterious circumstances, their family bet it was black magic performed on him. After having crores worth of property, he could not wait for 13 days of his death which clearly states he was performer of black magic. (13/07)
Can you help me to get out of black magic exposed by guru shri parthasarthy rajagopala chari.
Many followers of him died because he abets suicide, when he feels like cheated. Causes for this could range like
followers not heeding to his command of marriage with other followers, even though requesting that their parents are against the marriage.
Not donating huge amount of money for lavish master cottage, which is ever used, build it with crores of rupees where there is no proper water or food or electricity.
I will give my worst experience with him, when he ordered his follower, who was with him at Satkol in India and he got an urgent message his mother expired, then black magician commanded he should not go to attend funeral as soul left the body. Because of fear that follower has acceded to the request. the same guru went to attend his wife death by travelling nearly 800k and he did not come out of room because of pain and agony he says.
That is the way black magician is, but my doubt is how to escape from it as i have been tortured because of powers.
black magic guru information rajagopala chari sriramchandra mission (16/07)
No one there to help me out? I will devote my life to those who can get me out of this tangle against black magician parthasarthy rajagopala chari the only eulogised soul of the world and who thinks about himself as the only honest and good quality person of all times. He is referred as Master, of cousre he is Black Magic master which every one will realise. 85 year old birthday celebrations are going in full swing and great grand celebrations. Preparations for it takes almost one year.
Mistake and recovery
Will it be like abhimanyu case like some one fall into trap of a black magician and who says time and again, followers should be like dogs.
I followed sri ramchandra mission,
following are which I found in guru for obedience
Abetting of suicides
Marrying other followers against wishes of parents,
he declares himself greater than parents and says parents are most selfish.
No to go to temples. he feels that going to temples is a karma, which cannot be cleaned from soul so easily.
Not going to funeral of ones parent
Not performing rituals like 13th days and 1st anniversary etc
If we don’t follow then Chariji feels that he is cheated and openly says such followers will never be tolerated and simply starts his own black magic.
This old black magician fox enjoys by celebrating birthdays grandly by torturing followers in the name of discipline and enjoys his life.
I will be submitting to the guru chariji as well. I encourage guru shri renowned black magician chariji to participate in the discussion and explain to people over here how to pacify him? what makes him angry so easily and how to pacify that? (18/07)
Help from any one is kindly required to protect myself and my family from black magician chariji of
How to protect when we fell pray to a psycho, sadist guru instead of sat guru as pointed out as in my case chariji of he is well versed with banamathi?
Miracle to protect from black magician? I m being tortured by black magic of guru shri parthasarthy rajagopala chariji? I know he possess the powers but how to protect from that powers. Please provide guidance.
I m talking about guru, shri parthasarthy rajagopala chari, the arrogant, whom he thinks the only good being bearing burden of the whole world, he declares himself as Maha parishad living and being praised by Lord Krishna, but eventually he turns out to be a crude black magician, many followers of the system before him, left him because they say he has deviated system and manipulated for his own gains. they are all powerful and could leave him with out any problem, but i m a meek and weak human being how can I come out of banamathi the black magic performed on me by chariji, the perfect black magic master?
more information on their website about his supernatural powers and eulogising him by all liberated souls. Although books are not available for general public, it is full of this black magic tricks.(26/07)
I have nothing to say against old man, but after with standing what I called black magic from him for years I think it is time for me to find solution. If the old fellow shri chariji has powers he should show on people of his calibre not on meek persons like me, that why I approached this forum (28/07)
We should ask guru, what their mental state is and then get their spiritual state then the followers can understand that. I followed chariji of, but he turned out to be a black magician...even though he says that he is master of universe (30/07)
i tried to follow chariji of as he says he is the only living master. but he could overcome his own short coming like anger at even minute things, money and worst is he uses his powers i call it as black magic against his own followers. He is like mad dog, which of course does not know why it barks, in this case chariji does not know why he is arrogant on abhyasis and dog also bites chariji does black magic with out any reason. (1/08)
well I don’t have nothing to say against 85 year old man. But the problem is he is black magician, he attitude is amply made clear in his website He is obsessed with eulogy by liberated souls and his birthday celebrations and at the end misusing the powers. In this respect, there is a mention that shri sathya sai baba was subjected to transmission one whole night which he said if he has reverted might have killed the man. Well he is such a great person is subjected like this then what about common man like me who is meek and weak subjected to banamathi, I mean black magic by powers acquired? (4/08)
so what is that guru tells he is eulogised by Lord Krishna and all liberated souls? well is he the one to go or me. I say he has powers which he misutilises and I came here to get rid of this. Please go through this link
and tell me what your kind self think of it? well he tells disciples should be dogs and makes us slaves.
Their meditation works on concept of transmission. For me it is negative transmission I feel it in and effects my health. It soothes after getting burdened myself with black magic of chariji. He announces himself as mahaparishad the highest possible position as human. It is in their books, unfortunately it is not available to common people. it is full of tricks but can we ever imagine he misuses? you know what will happen when a mad man gets a stone.(9/08)
I m not a fool to say against chariji who himself says he is eulogised by liberated souls and who openly publishes it.
Even satya sai baba in one book mentioned that he is transmitted negative energies one whole night.
When people of such calibre can undergo such negativity then why not me? and when guru says that he will do any thing for discipline?
His banamathi black magic include
Manipulating of mind, every other instance he quotes of frame, all of you people who come here are in my frame.
From his point view if he develops negativity on follower then he uses the same power to manipulate which ranges from torture.
He warns in dreams about the negative things which will happen in near future and says he will do it.
Transmit on physical body, which causes ill health.
Create disturbances among family.
Create financial troubles.
These are some of his negative powers which chariji possess in abundance. I came here only to find a solution even I have invited him to participate here just to tell how to get rid of his anger and hence his banamathi.(15/08)
What you say about his abetting suicide for marriages and his encouragement marriages against parent wishes and elopements etc? what u have to say about lavish kingly cottages there are all undoing? when he will undo his black magic on abhyasis in the name of discipline? (17/08)
Please explain...
Black magic=Chariji and Chariji=Black magic, no other dictionary word can describe chariji.
Remember death of Damodhar, the one who worked for ages in your ashram of satkhol, whom chariji set the marriage committed or killed by chariji I don’t know, forgot it?
should I tell you the date?
How he encourage eloping marriage? call brothers and sisters and conduct marriages?
Please show one master cottage whose value is less than 4 crores?
Please explain, how he could hit his own master daughter in-law, remember Shri Babuji maharaj used to address who ever visited his house as bahurani and how he could manhandle, is this new spirituality of shri (a)parthasarthy the blackmagician, the witch. (28/08)
the above words are absolutely soothing. But I request, how can I protect me and my family from black magician? I followed for 2 years or more, when the harassed for money for birthday celebrations of guru shri chari, I stopped and they have warned me of dire consequences if I don’t yield and pay the money, even after saying my father is sick? before that I have donated huge amount of 20k for master cottage, even after showing the report they said it is nature work under direction of liberated souls and it is for my betterment? what should I do to escape from black magic of chariji (29/08)
It is dangerous trap, if in wrong hands, my experience is I fall in trap of srcm guru, came to conclusion of misusing of his powers, I mean it black magic unfortunately, and there is no one to guide, guru should not be meant for misusing of powers all elders who were there to guide were thrown away and performs black magic at his will.
I followed for 3 years and Chariji if he feels that if any one is non obedient then he performs and as well announces publicly, he will bring to order. Lately I came to know it is black magic. But the problem is how to prove? With Aura is it possible. I will provide evidences of his powers in case if any one is interested. (1/09)
It is very thought provoking. I also want to bring to every one notice is the costly master cottage of srcm can be compared to Bhoot bangla (Devils bungalow). Because except for chari visit to the so called ashram, may be 1ce in 3 years time, it is never used and no one is allowed inside. the person who goes to extent of saying that dead body should not be burnt as in Indian tradition and buried as it will become food for bacteria, but for his lavish life style, of course not of his own money but like parasite on abhyasis hard earned money and at the cost of poor Indian people he enjoys a lot. I think it is what is apt when people say that he has western mind. In his view it is in poor villages of India live like western people. That is what black magician up to and hence it becomes more appropriate to call it as Bhoot bangla. (24/09)
Good news. It appears that Chariji is going to say farewell to this world soon? Where ever he is going he is referring to this context. May be we are all going to be relieved from his next birthday celebration, it is what chariji says.(25/09)
It makes all of us happy on the news of chariji death in near future as per his chariji announcement. Earth is going to be free of black magicians.(26/09)
chariji has announced to his followers that his departure from this world to brighter world is soon and there will be no more chariji birthday celebrations. Is it not good news for all of us. (29/09)
Do you know that he begs in corporate world too for his birthday celebrations with the pretext that his celebrations will prevent mayhem and stuff like that. With my ignorance also I went and begged for celebrations and other stuff. With that money he travels in business class planes and buys himself a golf cart and what not. I have one doubt, how black magic is performed, it uses same phenomenon as transmission, why cannot he be booked under law? (30/09/2010)

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